The End of an Era: Why Sales and Marketing Should Rethink Their Long-Standing Feud

If you are new to the business industry, there is a constant rumor going around of the war between sales and marketing. If you are lucky enough, your sales and marketing teams have evolved past this gossip and are successfully collaborating to achieve great success for your company. On the other hand, you might have experienced some truth to this rumor and can indeed testify that the hostility between teams needs to finally be resolved. Let’s discuss how inclusiveness, communication, and emerging technology might be the end of it.

 Both sales and marketing can benefit from the latest software and tools to reach their customers. Technology today is capable of delivering actionable insights on a company’s performance, an individual’s preferences, and assisting with making relevant data-driven decisions. Information like targeting and opportunity management should share equal concern and importance between sales and marketing. Additionally, these tools cut costs for a company to store, manage, and share data that benefits both parties. For example, support from artificial intelligence (AI) can be convenient for the sales and marketing teams if they need to resolve additional obstacles that require a more personal interaction or additional attention. Saving time and money on scheduling ads, sending emails, and more with technology helps both sides focus on building the value for the consumer financially and strategically.

Simultaneously, with the collaboration of so many to reach a conversion, those employed on both sales and marketing teams should be excellent talent willing to see the bigger picture and work cohesively with a team. Although the CMO is the ultimate decision-maker, they are nothing without their working party. Without marketing, sales would not have the most accurate information on the consumer or leads to convert while marketing would have lower conversion rates and a greater workload to qualify leads without a sales force. Combining the hard work of both teams to reach the same goal is what differentiates a profitable brand from a stagnant one.

There might have been a time when there was a war between sales and marketing, but today we are taking measures to make sure that stays in the past. Both sales and marketing teams have to be dynamic and collaborative to be able to adapt to today’s market and consumer. Together, with the help of technology, a sales and marketing team can thrive in personalization, optimation, and offering positive customer experiences. Overall, a collective effort and synergy are required between these two teams to receive a positive reaction to brand objectives and consumer acquisition while also maximizing growth.