Obvious or Oblivious? Schemer Schema and its Influence on Your Consumers

   Have you ever found yourself second guessing the intentions of a commercial? Needless to say, the intention of most commercials is to persuade the consumer to purchase a product or service, but some commercials might simultaneously provoke skepticism.  Could it be the actors, the […]

The “B” In “B2B” Breaking Down B2B Marketing Relationships

As relationships begin to develop throughout the marketing process, one of the first relationships to determine is what kind of marketing exchange is taking place. These relationships can be classified as business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Many are familiar with B2C marketing, as it […]

What’s The Buzz All About? What to Know About Buzz Marketing

As marketing continues to adapt to new forms of technology and communication, there are some marketing methods that withstand time. Although not as popular as traditional methods, some alternative marketing methods have proven to be effective in their unconventional ways. These methods are also successful […]