Wait There’s An Algorithm For That? How To Get Into Google’s Top Results

The question every blogger, influencer, and online persona has asked themselves is “What content is my audience looking for?”. It’s a great question without a solid answer because every content strategy is different. As previously mentioned in my “secrets of persuasion” article, there are six ways someone may convince a consumer to buy their product or purchase their service. When it comes to content strategy, one of the six principles of persuasion can help build the reputation and image of your brand to guide customers’ towards your content and maintain their attention.

The principle of authority is the power to influence or control decisions, behavior, and opinions. A neurological and data based algorithm compels us to trust those in authority. Brain scans reveal that when a person is confronted with a sense of authority our ability for decision-making is often skewed or shut down. Google’s searches are determined by how authoritative a website is ranked off of the terms they heavily focus on and the number of links to the site. With these two algorithms in place, the answer to the question is a content rich website that showcases you as a person of authority. This could be a trusted creator and expert in the field that is perceived as knowledgeable and a master in their skill. Building a content strategy that builds a brand’s authority will increase your followers, conversions, and brand image.

Let’s talk about the different animation and video creators that share their skills on Youtube, Instagram, or their own platform. These animation influencers use their platform to demonstrate their talent with software like Cinema 4D and more by making short films, skits, or videos using animated characters. What distinguishes each influencer’s sense of authority online, is their accessibility, audience, and attention. Those who share their videos or demonstrations with their users for free have a greater audience and thus generate more users that seek their expertise – increasing their sense of authority. Through word of mouth, sharing, links to sites or more, the audience for this animation influencer increases and so does its online authority on animation tips and tricks. The more people that interact and share their content, the more priority Google places on that animation and video creator’s content. This makes their content appear as one of the top results in Google and more likely to be seen and selected by a user interested in the topic. Thanks to the minimum viable audience (MVA) or those that sustain your brand, engage with content, and benefit from their expertise, their sharing has finally given your brand the attention and foundational authority to continue your content creation and perhaps make a profit. This could be to encourage subscriptions for more premium tutorials on specific softwares or higher level animation tips for those who are past the basics. At this point in the strategy, followers trust and are willing to listen to that animation influencer because they now have a greater sense of authority. 

A content strategy that is dynamic, targeted, and authentic is the key to what the audience is looking for. In addition to the strategy, it is in the benefit of the brand to establish a higher sense of authority on and offline.  Demonstrating mastery in the subject while receiving recognition from numerous sources builds a greater sense of authority and a strong foundation to begin a content strategy.