“The Moral Of The Story Is…” The Purpose of Your Marketing Research

The satisfaction of a market researcher lies in the comprehension and looks across an audience during their “Aha!” moment. This sense of fulfillment comes from successfully gathering insightful information and sharing it in an engaging way that is useful for companies to implement towards reaching their specialized goals. Although it might seem easy, the storytelling of this nature can get lost in translation as a statistical language or survey design (Qualtrics) doesn’t come easy to most. As a market researcher, it is our responsibility to guide the decision-makers in the room through our process by presenting the most significant data points and key concepts from the research and describing why a certain decision is more advantageous than the other. After innumerable discussions with clients, peers, and leaders, manipulating various variables and using thorough data analysis – of course a story must be told! From a research perspective, the urge to share all the data that contributed to your conclusion will be persistent, but the truth is… your client just wants to know which decision is best for them! Many individuals relying on the data are eager for the insights that answer their original research question. Data visualizations (Insightrix), interactions within the room, and simplified, summarized information are elements that are critical towards creating a captivating marketing research presentation – Confidence, composure, and expertise, are nice too!  The presentation of the research lies within the storytelling of the results and the marketing researcher’s ability to communicate retainable information. Keeping these marketing morals in mind will transform the room into active listeners (TheBalanceCareers.com) and informing them of important data that they need for their company.