Think 5 Second Rule, But For Your Website How Mobile Speed Can Save (or Cost) You Money

A mobile smartphone is a 21st-century basic necessity! Not to support a Millennial stereotype, but I believe this device truly does it all. Most importantly it has revolutionized our form of communication, including the exchange of goods and services. Access to the internet and the ability to do almost everything from the palm of your hand is a privilege many people exercise. Companies have recognized this demand for an online channel and have adapted to make purchases, subscriptions, and resources ( readily available to potential customers from around the world. 

Although web design, customer personalization, and maneuverability throughout the website are critical factors to its success, mobile speed is a component that should not go unnoticed. Mary Ellen Coe (, President of Google Customer Solutions, refers to this variable in the customer journey as a deciding factor between consumers that could either drive them away or attract and maintain their loyalty. The loading time of a web page can cost a company millions of dollars. Every second counts – Wasting even one second can make a difference to conversion rates by 20%! To improve the mobile speed ( of your website, practice measuring and tracking current numbers and speed of your site. Conducting a simple audit of mobile speed can identify areas of improvement that are impeding a customer’s seamless journey to your product or service. Reconsidering heavy files of content like photos or videos that might be slowing down your mobile time or sourcing an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) to reduce speed time by having an almost instant loading time are possible solutions. Creating an effortless mobile experience for the customer is what it’s all about and if your website doesn’t meet the standard… it’s a quick fix somewhere else.