Hello! My name is Alexis Garcia. I am a Graduate student at Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Minor is Education from Florida State University. Before marketing, my first career interest was Education. I have always had a love for enriching children’s lives and had the opportunity to work at a school temporarily as a Substitute teacher. Besides my passion for Education, another passion of mine is Psychology. I believe the buyer psychology and the consumer behavior topic of Marketing is essential in the field to better solve the needs of a consumer. Understanding why they have a certain problem and what their particular steps are to reach their solution helps in how we market and who we market to. My professional goal is to exercise business practices and strategies for marketing, media, advertising and technology effectively; Simultaneously bridging the gap between consumers and products through psychological analytics and consumer behavior while fostering personal and professional goals.


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  1. You continue to amaze me and I’m incredibly impressed by your eloquence and style on this blog. Stay the course and you will see that β€œall” is in your hands. So with pompoms in hand, I salute you.

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